1. The Project

To Be Moved is a series of installations that consider how movement exists within the relationship between the art object and the viewer. As animate beings, motion is inherently present in our breath, our gaze, our thoughts and yet, so often, the experience of looking at visual art is understood as static. Whether one is subconsciously compelled to scan a screen of flashing images, intellectually stimulated to step closer, or emotionally stirred from apathy to tenderness, interest to boredom, sorrow to joy, this project explores what it means to move.

To Be Moved will be on display in the Gallery 1313 Window Box from September 22 – December 12, 2010

This series is part of the Gallery 1313’s Launch Pad Project, a series of exhibitions by emerging curators exploring issues of motion and flux.

brick wall with text

§ 2 Responses to 1. The Project

  • Amelia Trevelyan says:

    Congratulations, Chelsea! I wish I could attend — looks like a wonderful show. But, alas, North Carolina is just too far away. Please do keep me on your mailing (and/or emailing) lists for all your art ventures!

  • lynnomel says:

    I so wish I could attend your exhibit…it sounds so interesting. Is there any way to see photos?
    I am sure you will have a fantastic turn out…
    Enjoy this journey you are on…
    Love, Aunt Lynn

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